(Trade or Retail Sales Welcome)

Established in 1950 Glenroyde has always been a family business.
From our early beginnings where most of the seedlings were planted by hand, the planting process is now fully automated. The Automation process has allowed us extra time to produce better quality plants throughout the greenhouses. All the plants and hanging baskets are then laid out in our large greenhouses to grow on. Once the plants have matured and the weather conditions are right, the matured plants then go on sale. We are always happy to see customers both retail and wholesale.

We stock a range of perrenials and other more hardy plants in our outer beds. From conifers to perrenials, shrubs to climbers, there is a large selection of plants to suit most soils and locations.
A range of garden ornaments, rockery stone, etc are also on display.

Feel free to browse through the plants, and if you require any help or advice please ask a member of staff who will readily give you help and advice on the right plants for your garden.

Please feel free to contact us by E-mail, Fax or Telephone.